Success Story Paignton Zoo, UK

TOM moved in to a popular restaurant in Manhattan and instantly made life easier there. “The staff is loving it! Before we were constantly switching bags”. Famous for its delicious chicken, the place is open till 2.00 am and TOM does not mind working the late night shift!

success story blue ribbon fried chicken nyc

IN 2014, THE ZOO INTRODUCED FOUR TOM WASTE COMPACTOR BINS to the park. Each bin can hold up to seven times the volume of waste of a conventional bin. The compactor bin reduces the need for bags to be changed by the operational staff as well as reducing the need for storage. One of the main benefits is reducing the number of waste collections to and from the site which has a positive knock

on effect in terms of cost savings and environmental benefits. Peter Morgan, Environmental Officer at Paignton Zoo Environmental Park said “As a charity reducing our overheads is a key concern however, minimising our environmental footprint wherever possible is a key priority for us. The introduction of something as simple as a compactor bin has helped us do that.”

success story blue ribbon fried chicken nyc

“Our site is neater for their installation and visitors have liked them as well as the restaurant staff, as they feel they can concentrate more on customer service rather than having to constantly empty bins”.
Peter Morgan, Environmental Officer at Paignton Zoo Environmental Park.

Wrapped as animals
The TOM is a smart self-contained,automated compactor that has a modern look, which will neatly fit into the smallest spaces and any environment. It has a motion sensor that knows when someone is approaching and automatically opens and closes the bin, which helps to keep it hygienic and easy to use.

The bins can also be completely wrapped in branding. In the case of the Zoo the TOM bins are wrapped as animals, which makes them eye catching.

The cool and colourful giraffe-TOMs capturethe visitors’ attention.

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