• Congratulations!

    VICINITY, First in Australia to install TOM

    Chadstone Shopping Centre, locally known as "The Fashion Capital" has always led the field in Design and Innovation so was the ideal site for the introduction of TOM, the new to Australia and one of a kind Smart Compacting Bin for public spaces.

  • The new dawn

    The rise of the orange values

    Orwak is a world leader in compaction and baling solutions for solid waste materials. Our compactors, baling systems and briquette presses make waste management more efficient and more profitable.

  • Advanced


Compacting knowhow PET 1200 pxl 200x200

Challenging waste handling?

Orwak has solutions for most types of waste. Find out more details about the most common materials and the compacting results!

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quality baler


There are numerous business benefits when you choose to employ an on-site waste baler.

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Meet TOM!

Get acquainted with TOM – our cool automatic waste bin! Now able to communicate when the bag is full!

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Industrial & Commercial Compactors

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The right solution for your needs - Your business

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of products that meet the challenges of waste handling in different market segments. From restaurants and quick service establishments, shops to manufacturing industries and large logistic centers, our quiet , safe and reliable systems - what we refer to as Advanced Simplicity - are designed to work for you!

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Good for your business and the environment - Orwak benefits

Our compaction and baling solutions make a significant contribution to effective and efficient waste management, sustainable business practices, the well-being of employees and compliance with environmental regulations. When investing in an Orwak solution, we offer More Profit, More Productivity, More Order, More Space and More Recycling!

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