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TOM sitting out the front of Nandos Chadstone VIC in Melbourne

Congratulations Vicinity Centres! First in Australia to install TOM - the smart compacting bin.

CHADSTONE SHOPPING CENTRE, A PART OF VICINITY CENTRES (VIC), locally known in Melbourne as ‘The Fashion Capital’ has always led the field in design and innovation, so it was the ideal site for the introduction of TOM. This one of a kind smart compacting bin for public spaces is new to Australia.

“When Vicinity Centres approached us to trial TOM before the first units hit our shores, we couldn’t wait to get them in.”

David Picone, General Manager, Telford Smith Engineering (Orwak’s distributor in Australia)

Largest mall in the Southern Hemisphere
Installing at Chadstone, 2 weeks prior to Christmas, in the new food court of the largest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere was always going to be a challenge but one TOM relished. TOM hit the ground running and immediately there was considerable load taken off the cleaners.

With an estimated 25 bin empties/day saved per location on the busy days, the cleaners were able to clear more tables and get more patrons through a fresher environment.

TOM is a hit
TOM’s coloured LED indicator strip and modem- based communication pack also ensure that everything is in order. Serving the customers is the main priority!

So what do the customers think? TOM is a hit! Kids stare in awe, parents take photos, and everyone enjoy the ”touch free” bin that openes automatically on approach.

Congratulations to Vicinity Centres for their courage and attitude towards innovation and sustainability. It has surely made a difference already.

If you want to meet TOM, drop into the shopping centres Chadstone (VIC) in Melbourne or Chatswood Chase (NSW) in Sydney and ask for TOM.

Author: David Picone, General Manager, Telford Smith Engineering

Nandos Chatstone VIC
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