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TOM, wearing the classic light blue and orange Gulf branding, takes care of any litter and keeps the gas station neat and orderly at all times. The owner: ”Anything that simplifies work, improves business or increases profitability is welcome here”.

ANDERS LUNDGREN OWNS AND RUNS THE GULF GAS STATION AND CONVENIENCE STORE in the small town Sävsjö in Sweden. The station was established in the 60s and since 2013 it operates under the Gulf brand. The location, where two main roads cross, is strategic and the convenience store has generous opening hours.

80 % of the waste is disposed of outdoors In winter the staff in the store attends to on average 800 and in summer 1000-1100 customers per day. Fast food, light snacks and beverages are served over the counter to eager customers on the go and account for a significant part of the turnover.

The automatic waste compactor TOM is a new resident at the station. As 80 % of the waste is disposed of outdoors, TOM sits outside the store close to the entrance and is frequently fed by the customers. TOM was a natural choice. Mr. Lundgren, the owner and manager of this Gulf station explains:

Now, Restoquick has one TOM unit installed, supported by two small waste bins, and Robert Couwenberg, the owner of the cafeteria, has registered savings on several levels from day one. Time-saving is one obvious benefit! Thanks to TOM’s effective compaction capacity the frequent bag switches are reduced to one occasion per day. Mr. Couwenberg explains:

“I am always keen on new equipment and new solutions! Anything that simplifies work, improves business or increases profitability is welcome here. That is my motto!”

A good impression is vital
advantageof havingnM on site is that the customers never have to face an overflowing waste bin anymore and there are no papers flying around in the area. A good impression is vital to make people stop and when finding the environment fresh and orderly,they are most likely to return.

TOM’s shutter opens automatically, so the customers keep their hands clean when throwing in the waste. Mr. Lundgren states:

“TOM is ideal for gas stations. It takes care of the waste from the store, the wiping paper from the pumps and it keeps the place neat.”

TOM sends an SMS to get attention
As TOM compacts the waste, there is plenty of room in the bin. The staff can stay behind the counter in the store instead of worrying about bag switches. TOM is capable of communicating and sends a SMS, when the bag is almost full, so there is no need to check on

Tom Success Story

TOM on routine. The staff is happy and it is convenient for them to spend less time outside attending to waste bins.

Tom Success Story

TOM is easy to wrap and this unit wears the classic light blue and orange Gulf colors that attract attention and produce cheerful smiles from many visitors.

“Thanks to TOM the station looks very modern and we have got a lot of positive response from the customers. They find it totally cool!”

Anders Lundgren, owner and manager of Sävsjö Gulf Station