Success Story Hmshost Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, NL

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The staff enjoys working with TOM at HMSHost’s food court.

After thorough testing, HMSHost chose TOM as an solution to efficiently reduce the waste streams from its operations in the terminals at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

WITH 55 MILLION PASSENGERS A YEAR, AMSTERDAM AIRPORT SCHIPHOL is one of the busiest airports in the world. It is a truly international environment and not just a place where you wait until your next flight takes off. Schiphol is an Airport City, where the visitors can enjoy art, relaxing moments in the city park, and a wide variety of shops and restaurants.

Feeling good on the move
HMSHost, with the motto “Feeling good on the move” is a leading provider of catering services for travelers at airports and on motorways worldwide and operates more than 70 food and beverage venues at Schiphol. The outlets vary from self-/ and counter- to full service restaurants and several of them are open 24 hours, 365 days a year.

From 6-7 waste bags to only 1 per day
Naturally, order and cleanliness are essential factorsfor creating an inviting and comfortable environment for the guests and HMSHost has installed TOM at four locations at Schiphol and more units are on order. TOM is a great concept for airports and especially at quick service outlets there.

“We have chosen to use TOM after intensive testing. The main reason was to improve our logistics and to reduce the waste flows at the terminals, primarily at locations where we use a lot of disposables.”
Patrick van Geerenstein, Facility Project Manager, HMSHost Schiphol Airport

Another advantage is that much less space for waste is needed in the back office due to the significant volume reduction. Mr. Geerenstein explains that the use of TOM also frees time for other activities for the operational staff.

“In the old situation the garbage cans had to be emptied six or seven times a day but with TOM just once!”
Patrick van Geerenstein, Facility Project Manager, HMSHost Schiphol Airport

Tom Success Story

Sustainability targets
Furthermore, TOM contributes to fulfilling HMSHost’s and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s sustainability targets.

Tom Success Story

TOM at La Place, the popular meeting point