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The popular amusement park attracts 3 million visitors per year and the new restaurant complex serves up to 4000 guests a day in the summer. It is hard to find a place with a comparable stream of guests and TOM is ideal for this setting!

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LISEBERG IN GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN, is the largest amusement park and the leading tourist attraction in Northern Europe. The broad range of rides, games, entertainment on the stage and the beautiful flower park attract 3 million visitors per year!

Liseberg Restaurants AB runs all restaurants, snack bars and ice cream parlors within the park and in preparation for the summer season it has invested in a brand new restaurant complex called “Bergs Salonger” with seats for 360 guests.

4000 visitors a day in peak season In the building Burger King, a sandwich bar and a pancake bakery share the same sitting area, which is furnished as an elegant town house in the early 1900s. It is quick service with style and each room has its own theme; the dining room, the library and the orangery.

Fredrik Löfgren, manager of the fast food division at Liseberg, anticipates up to 4000 visitors per day in peak season in July/August when the restaurant is open 12 hours a day. To be able to handle the waste from all of these guests efficiently, four TOM units have been strategically located in the sitting area indoors and one on the outdoor terrace:

“The best thing about TOM is the volume reduction that results in less frequent bag switches. Before we had to change bags every 30 minutes and now it is sufficient to do it every two hours.
That gives our staff more time for other duties and most importantly, when less bags are hauled through the restaurant, our guests get to enjoy their meals in peace and quiet.”

Fredrik Löfgren, manager of the Liseberg fast food division

Prevents waste from piling up
The sitting area has recycling points, where TOM takes care of all the non-recyclable waste. TOM suits the hygienic ambitions for the restaurant perfectly. It prevents waste from piling up at the recycling points and maintains the sitting area clean and proper at all times. TOM’s automatic touch free shutter keeps both the machine and the hands of the guests clean.

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The philosophy is that if the guests find the restaurant spotless when they arrive, it is probable that they leave it in the same condition.

“That is why we at Liseberg like the concept so much. When the sitting area looks inviting and the guests feel comfortable and have a pleasant experience here, they are likely to return and that means TOM is good for the business.”
Fredrik Löfgren, manager of the Liseberg fast food

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