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Savings from the first unit installed! Restoquick in Einhovden proves that you do not need to have a large-scale business to benefit from TOM.

RESTROQUICK IS A QUICK SERVICE FACILITY with a central location in a busy district of Eindhoven, a city in southern Netherlands. The cafeteria has been serving light meals, snacks and beverages to hungry people on the go since 1977.

It is open during normal business hours and the long line of guests visiting the place naturally generates a lot of waste. The sitting-area is small and does not leave much room for large waste receptacles. Restoquick recently made a significant change in its waste handling system when installing TOM.

TOM saves two hours a day
Before, the cafeteria had two big traditional waste bins in the sitting-area and the staff had to switch bags 6-7 times times a day at each of the stations. As there is no space for storing waste bags on site, the staff had to walk up to a container at the street corner every single time to dispose of the full bag. The walk back and forth took at least 10 minutes, which means that approximately two hours per day were spent unproductively.

Now, Restoquick has one TOM unit installed, supported by two small waste bins, and Robert Couwenberg, the owner of the cafeteria, has registered savings on several levels from day one. Time-saving is one obvious benefit! Thanks to TOM’s effective compaction capacity the frequent bag switches are reduced to one occasion per day. Mr. Couwenberg explains:

“It is sufficient to walk to the container once every evening allowing the staff to devote the rest of the time to more productive activities in the business.”

Reduced waste management costsM Due to the volume reduction resulting in a decreasing number of bags, Restoquick has shifted to a smaller waste container and thereby gains a 1200 Euro saving per year in reduced container rental fee and pickup cost.

It proves the point that you do not need to have a large-scale business to benefit from TOM. It helps saving money and other resources also in small operations and from the first unit installed.

Robert Couwenberg is very happy with the savings the new waste handling concept contributed with in his business and appreciates the possibility to rent TOM, as it breaks down the cost on a convenient monthly basis.

Tom Success Story
Tom Success Story

The decision to rent TOM, brings savings to the cafeteria Restoquick in Eindhoven.