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TOM, the new buddy at work, is trusted with the waste handling during the busy hours and helps keep the restaurant neat and inviting at all times. Evidently, a great concept for restaurants!

SIBYLLA BÄRBYLEDEN IN UPPSALA has 74 seats indoors and serves approximately 500 guests per day. The location is in an industrial area of Uppsala, the fourth largest city in Sweden. The weekly lunch menu with “the special meal of the day” attracts plenty of people working nearby, but Thursday nights and weekends are still the peaks of the week. It generates a lot of lightweight but voluminous waste that quickly fills up a bag.

However, since TOM joined the crew that is not an issue anymore and everyone is very happy with him. There has been no trouble whatsoever and TOM is reliable, always ready to work and can hold a huge amount of waste in one bag:

“The best thing about TOM is that we can totally trust him to take care of the waste handling during the busiest hours of the day. We put in a fresh bag in the morning just before the restaurant opens and it lasts until late in the afternoon!”

TOM is a popular fellow
The staff refers to TOM as “he” and undoubtedly perceives him as the new buddy at work, as he goes by the endearing internal nickname “Tompa”. To spread the Christmas spirits among the guests, TOM was even wearing a crown of electric candlesticks during the holidays.

“The guests love him! Children have fun and laugh when the shutter opens automatically and some adults like to observe TOM’s functions and think it is an interesting machine”, Emilia Forsberg states with a smile.

TOM ‘s best features are the clear indications when the bag is getting full and to switch bags is convenient and goes fast. Emilia Forsberg comments: “The bright lights on the status bar help us to keep track of TOM even from a distance when serving customers at the counter. You do not have to run back and forth just to check the bag like we did with the manual waste bins we had before.“

Tom Success Story

Smart self-adjusting set-up
When there are no overloaded waste bins, the restaurant looks very neat and inviting.

The smart self-adjusting set-up, which allows TOM to register the number of people passing by and altering the shutter closings and compaction intervals accordingly, is another intriguing and practical feature.

Tom Success Story

“TOM is a great concept for restaurants!The volume reduction really makes a difference”.

Emilia Forsberg, Sibylla employee