Success Story Sibylla Bettorp Sweden

Success Story Honda Italy

Fits the automized concept
The restaurant has a fresh design in white and lime green and the sitting area looks very proper and inviting. TOM fits perfectly into the clean and touch free concept of the restaurant; sensor-activated light switches, automatic water taps and hand dryers and the new addition TOM with his completely touch free shutter!

“It is only natural to keep an absolutely orderly and hygienic environment in the restaurant and TOM is contributing to that.”
Andreas Wikström, owner of Sibylla Bettorp

TOM is worth the trip
Many guests are keen on TOM and one of them even left a fun comment on Sibylla Bettorp’s local facebook site: “…It is also worth the trip to Sibylla just to see their super cool waste bin!”

Tom Success Story
Tom Success Story
Tom Success Story