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TOM makes a difference, especially in peak hours, and fits right into the concept of this fresh and modern Sibylla fast food restaurant. TOM attracts curiosity from the guests and is even worth the trip!

is a franchise fast food restaurant that opened in August 2012. It is strategically located close to the highway to the ski resorts in the Swedish mountains. A lot of ski tourists are passing by during the winter season, but the place is also popular with the campers heading north in summer. The restaurant is furthermore surrounded by an industrial area and has regular lunch guests coming for “today’s meal” from companies in the neighborhood.

TOM handles waste from 400-500 guests
Sibylla Bettorp has 64 seats indoors and is open 12 hours a day. One TOM is installed in the sitting area and has sufficient capacity to handle the waste from all 400–500 guests, who are served per day!

Thursdays and weekends are the busiest days in the week and there is a daily peak at lunch time, when hungry guests are lining up at the counter and the staff of 5–6 people are totally devoted to taking orders, frying burgers and serving meals. Then there is no time to think about waste handling. The owner and Sibylla-franchiser, Andreas Wikström, is very positive.

“TOM is absolutely great. We could not do without him! A new bag lasts from the morning thru rush hours at least until 2 pm. It saves an enormous amount of time, when we are busy serving customers and we would not have enough space for the bags in the storage, if the waste was not compacted.”

Meets the waste handling needs
The full waste bags are placed in wheelie bins in a tiny storage at the back of the restaurant and are only collected twice a week. Bags of loose waste would never fit and the effective volume reduction of the waste saves valuable space.

Tom Success Story

A small baler, Orwak 3100, is installed to compact all the cardboard from the goods deliveries coming in three times a week.

Tom Success Story

Andreas Wikström: “Nowadays, we produce 6 bales in two weeks and have reduced the pickup occasions by 50 %. Instead of messy cardboard on the floor, the bales form neat little rows in the storage. The baler is very easy to use and everyone in the staff knows how to operate it.

A small baler behind the scenes for cardboard and TOM as front-end application facing the customers and taking care of their waste is the perfect combination for a fast food restaurant of our size”.

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