Success Story XL-BYGG SWEDEN

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A duo of Orwak balers deals with all the cardboard and plastic in the big building supply store XL-BYGG.

XL-BYGG IS A CHAIN of about 100 independent building supply stores in Sweden. XL in the town Ljusdal in the northern part of the country, is a full range building supply, tool and hardware store.

It has grown from a small start up business to a large store and in 2013 it moved to new premises with 1200m 2 store area and a separate warehouse for wood and machinery. The concept is ”all under one roof” and the team works hard to create an inviting environment for the customers in the store.

Plastic wrapping and cardboard
Naturally, the business generates a lot of packaging material and there needs to be a rational solution to take care of it. Without any compaction, the plastic wrappings with the size of 7 x 3 m would pile up on the floor in no time.

The goods to the store are predominantly delivered in boxes. Before, the cardboard and the plastic were collected in containers on the backyard, but recently XL-BYGG invested in two balers from Orwak.

“It works like a charm and both balers have great capacity”.

Olle Olmårs, the owner of XL-BYGG in Ljusdal

In the wearhouse the Orwak Compact 3115 effectively compacts the plastic. This model is on of the smallest in the Orwak range, but it still has the right capacity for the volume of plastic. Thanks to a special ross-binding function, it is ideal for making tight bales even from expanding material like plastic foil.

In the stockroom of the store, the baler Orwak Power 3325 takes care of all the boxes from unpacking the incoming goods.

A happy employee next to the cardboard baler Power 3325 from Orwak

Transportation cost savings
Before investing in the balers, the transportation of the uncompacted waste material was very expensive and it is a significant difference now. Reduced waste management costs, time-saving for the staff and more floorspace in the warehouse are some of the benefits of having the new solution.

In the backyard today, you only find a couple of smaller containers for rest fractions of steel and wood. These containers are easily transported by XL BYGG’s own vehicle to the nearest recycling station.

Chose a quality product
Olle Olmårs was searching for compaction solutions at Google and he chose Orwak as a well- established high-quality brand:

”We are very satisfied! I got excellent advice from the sales rep and I feel convinced that I made a good choice investing in these products.”