Product Family Compact

Orwak "Compact" Compactor and Drum Crusher


Strong compaction on the spot

Orwak Compact earned its name thanks to its compact design. The small footprint in combination with the low height provides plenty of placement opportunities. This range is the right choice for companies with small amounts of recyclable packaging material. Material selector and auto start are standard features.

Why Orwak Compact?

  • Requires little space, yet provides effective volume reduction
  • Easy-to-handle light weight bales
  • The best choice for small to medium sized volumes of cardboard and plastic

PRESS FORCE: 4-12 ton BALE WEIGHT: (cardboard) up to 50 – 80 kg

  • Gray top 3110 with transparent background

    Orwak Compact 3110

    The small yet tough and versatile baler is ideal for both cardboard and plastic. Bale trolley is always included for easy transportation.

    Press force: 4 ton

    Bale weight cardboard/plastic: 50 kg/70 kg

  • ORWAK COMPACT 3115_transparent background

    Orwak Compact 3115

    The 3115 model offers a cross-binding function that gives a tight grip of the bale and is helpful when compacting soft plastic or small fractions of material.

    Press force: 6 ton

    Bale weight cardboard/plastic: 60 kg/85 kg

  • Orwak Compact 3120

    Orwak Compact 3120

    The newest Orwak 3120 baler has an extra wide opening. Ideal for larger boxes!

    This newly designed Baler has the smallest footprint in our range but a larger opening than the rest of the Compact Range. Autostart, Bale Size Adjustments, Silent Operation, Full Bale and Service Indicators are just some of the new features that make this Baler much more automated than the typical small Baler.

    Every 3120 Baler is supplied with a Bale Trolley for ease of movement of the produced bales. Ideal for premises that have no lifting equipment on site.

    Extra wide opening of 1000mm

    Press Force: 6 ton

    Bale weight: Cardboard up to 100 kg Plastic up to 130 kg