RAY Solar-Powered Waste Compactor Bin - Products

The RAY® is the sustainable solution providing waste and litter-management in any controlled public space. The RAY® collection process is 85% more efficient with similar reductions to the carbon-footprint. The RAY® compactor enables more than seven times the original waste volume to be collected before emptying of the bin becomes necessary. The solar powered system makes the RAY® independent from power cables and easy to install or remove. Using a standard (EN840-1) 120 liter wheelie bin, the RAY® is simple to empty manually or by combloader, enabling ergonomic and safe working conditions. The solid steel construction and keyless operation makes it highly resistant to vandalism and unwanted attention. The waste hopper can be locked and unlocked remotely if required for safety reasons.

Why RAY?

  • Easy to operate, easy to maintain
  • Solar powered, they keep working for over 72 hours without any direct sunlight
  • Independent of power cables so easy to install or remove
  • On-the-spot compaction of litter allow less frequent collections
  • Compacts over 600-800 litre of waste into a 120 litre wheelie bin
  • Saving up to 75% on collection cost and CO2 exhaust
  • GPRS wireless datatransfer – GPS location tracker
  • Remote management via web-portal
  • Sends email notifications for (nearly-)full
  • Remote lockout if required for safety reasons
  • Keyless (RFID) door control makes it highly resistant to vandalism and unwanted attention
  • Built tough made from recycled steel (no plastic anywhere),
  • powder coated, and the base is galvanised against rust
  • Weather and animal-proof for a long service life

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  • Material door and body
  • Material hopper assembly
  • Material base and footpedal
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Compactor type
  • Battery type
  • System power
  • Compaction rate (litter)
  • Compaction rate (fastfood)
  • 2-3 mm powder coated steel RAL 7016
  • Stainless steel 304
  • Galvanized steel
  • w 561, h 1485, d 644 mm
  • 155kg
  • Electric actuator
  • 12V, 41Ah gel for solar
  • 115W
  • > 5x (600 litre)
  • > (960 litre)


  • Foot pedal
  • 30 Wp Solar panel
  • LED filling level indicator
  • Installation and hoisting kit
  • Keyless (RFID) door control
  • Remote (un)lock control
  • RAL colour of choice
  • Blue LED night illumination
  • GPS positionering
  • Cleancitymanager®, first year
  • Combloader, compatible
  • Soft close hopper system
  • Non-stop throw-in


  • 1.8 litre , ashtray set (stainless)
  • Anti-grafitti coating
  • Parts in stainless 304 or 316
  • Sound system
  • 2nd LED on back
  • Wheelie bin 120 litre
  • >10 pc RFID Collector and Lock pass
  • Waste bags, extra strong
  • Cleancitymanager®, extensions
  • Wrapping, signage
  • Concrete foundation 60x60x20 cm
  • Galvanized foundation plate
  • Service and installation agreement