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How Can Balers Help You Increase Productivity and Profits?

Efficient waste management and recycling are integral to the success of any business. Businesses are always engaged in the process of adopting techniques that enhance productivity and streamline processes. Among the various facets that can immensely increase productivity, compacting and recycling waste can make a major contribution. The use of balers can help businesses in various ways by simplifying the process of waste management. Balers enable businesses to segregate, sort and compact the waste that is generated at source. Apart from operational advantages, balers also offer environmental benefits.

Let us look at the ways in which adding balers can help your business to increase its productivity.

Volume Reduction

The most important benefit of using a baler is the fact that they have the capacity to significantly reduce the volume of waste. This makes the process of handling or disposing of waste much easier. Businesses can immensely save on labor-cost and resources by compacting waste.

Accurate Trash Information

Another added benefit of balers is that they give a clear idea about the waste generated over a period. It is easier to gauge the weight of baled waste. This enables the business to put forth a seamless process of waste management. Companies approximately have an idea about the waste generated on a weekly or daily basis. With loose waste, the process of quantifying is extremely difficult. Hence with balers, the clarity is maintained.

Some balers such as the ORWAK Power series are even available with options that will weigh and record each bale and communicate it directly to your waste collector and accountant.

Efficient Waste Disposal

The fact that balers compress waste, makes the process of disposal much simpler. It ensures that facilities are cleaner and businesses can design an efficient waste management plan.


Safety is an issue of utmost importance within any commercial space. Baled materials significantly reduce the probability of hazard and accidents in industrial spaces. The threat of fire and trip hazard is reduced with baled materials.

Space Management

Businesses can make better use of their space by employing the use of balers. Balers make it possible to reduce the size of waste. As a result, the space required for waste management and storage is reduced. Businesses can use the space for other key functions.

Source of Revenue

The use of balers can help to segregate waste and the baled material can be a source of revenue for the company. Certain recycling companies pay for sorted and baled waste.

Indeed, balers can help businesses reap rich benefits with their myriad advantages. If you are looking for a reliable company for recycling equipment, get in touch with Orwak Compactors.

Our compaction and baling solutions can make a significant contribution towards efficient recycling and waste management. We offer a comprehensive range of products that are designed to meet the challenges of waste handling in different sectors. We have a solution for most types of waste and will help you select a product that best meets your needs.

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