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Cardboard Baler Machine

ORWAK is world’s leading supplier of cardboard balers for businesses. Since 1971, we have been offering Australia with an innovative range of compacting and baling systems that make waste management process simpler and profitable. Our energy-efficient cardboard compactor and balers are expertly designed to save your business time, space and money.

Cardboard is the most common type of material processed in ORWAK’s compaction equipment. Empty cardboard boxes contain a lot of air and therefore, compacting them is easier, with a cardboard volume reduction of about 10:1. Our cardboard baler is widely used in various businesses to make transportation and handling process easier and simpler. With our safe baling solutions and energy-efficient industrial cardboard press, we will help you get rid of your cardboard waste along with saving you time and money.

ORWAK can supply you with a baling solutions for every business, that will enhance your workspace efficiency, minimise operating costs and optimise workplace safety. Our baling machines will help you conserve the environment and deliver an outstanding return of investment and quality, to ensure years of great performance.

Benefits of Baling Cardboard:

  • Maximises floor space
  • Enhances the safety of workers and reduces labour charges
  • Increases your business profits
  • Minimises fire risks
  • Better recycling and tracking of your waste
  • Cleaner and a better environment
  • Reduced contamination

We Are the Cardboard Compactor & Waste Management Specialists

You can choose from our extensive range of industrial cardboard compactor machines designed for various business requirements. We have superior quality machines that have the capacity to efficiently sort and compress recyclable items. Whether you require a small baler or a larger one, we have a wide variety of cardboard balers to choose from. They can help you reduce the volume of the waste up to 10:1. For large volumes of cardboard, you can make use of the automated Brickman briquetting solution. We offer products of superior quality that are sure to serve you for years to come. Our products are:

  • Efficient and fast
  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • Clean and safe
  • Automated mechanisms
  • Low on noise and energy-efficient

Get in Touch with Us!

To know more about our cardboard compactors, feel free to reach out to our team. We will be glad to help you select the most appropriate cardboard baler that precisely meets your requirement. You can call us on (03) 8792 9777. Alternatively, you can also contact us through our online contact form.

For really large volumes of cardboard, we recommend the automated horizontal balers. Our horizontal balers can be fed while running and are automatically tied off to your specified size.