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What Should You Look for While Choosing a Commercial Rubbish Compactor?

Getting rid of commercial rubbish in a safe, sustained and volume-based manner is important. There are several models of rubbish compactors on the market, available in different sizes and some with special features. To make sure you invest in a good waste compactor look for the following features:

Cost effectiveness

Like when using any gadget, cost effectiveness is an important factor – this also applies to rubbish compactors. If you select a compactor which can reduce the waste volume at a six-to-one rate, this will automatically result in cost reduction.

Such a speed of operation will help you to lessen the storage space required for piling up waste, giving you an opportunity to increase your other business options without additional investment.

As mentioned above, if your cardboard compactors have a high compaction speed, they will help in your production rate. The staff operating the compactors will be able to devote more time to other important jobs rather than spending hours attending to waste management.

Type of waste compactors

Rubbish compactors are normally operated by a pneumatic or hydraulic press and used to process materials that are non-recyclable. After the waste is reduced in volume it can be hauled away for dumping.

Orwak supplies rubbish compactors that can also compact waste such as hard plastics and metals making them ideal for use in factories, medical centres, hotels, schools and other manufacturing companies.

Special features of these compactors include odour prevention, leaks and entry of rodents. The main features to look for in a good waste compactors are efficient disposal of waste, easy recycling and compact design.

Rubbish compactors for different institutions
  • Dry waste stationery compactors are ideal for use in retail outlets, manufacturing plants, printing presses, distribution centres etc. They are able to compact a high volume of dry waste such as paper, cardboard and other dry rubbish thereby increasing the waste volume by around 400%

  • If an institution needs to crush waste such as pallets, drums, light crates and boxes, a pre-crusher for such large items is useful. These compactors can increase a payload by about 800% as compared to any standard compactor. They are ideal for use in warehouses and manufacturing plants.

  • When the garbage load is heavy, a roll-off compactor is the one to look for. These compactors are self contained and are capable of compacting large amounts of garbage. Ideal for use in apartment buildings, hotels, colleges, schools, supermarkets, shopping malls etc. these compactors are leak-proof and can deal with high-liquid content.


When selecting a commercial compactor it would be a good idea to first consult a company dealing in waste management. As experts in the business they will look at the amount of waste you generate and guide you in selection of the right type of waste compactor you require. It is not just a matter of getting rid of waste - a good commercial rubbish compactor should also help to increase your productivity, sustainability and recycling outcomes.