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In recent years, businesses have seen recycling and resource efficiency become top priorities for the commercial sector. Therefore, finding green ways for managing waste has now become a priority for businesses of every size. This is exactly where balers can help the businesses. Investing in industrial balers can be an ideal way to tackle business waste, as they are not very expensive and are easy to operate. Besides, these effective machines also help businesses to save on landfill tax and various other waste disposal expenses. Here, we have made an attempt to provide you with an overview of how balers make an ideal waste management system for businesses of every type.

How Exactly Do Balers Work?

Balers robustly compact business waste into small and tidy tied-up bundles that are easy to handle and dispose. This equipment helps businesses in conveniently sorting their waste at the source. Doing this eliminates the risk of cross contamination. This simply means that every bale produced by the baler has higher green value, while recycling. Therefore, balers help smaller organizations in streamlining waste management and cutting down on other waste disposal expenses, which include landfill fees, skips and waste bins. On the other hand, balers help bigger businesses in generating extra revenue by selling their uncontaminated bales to various recycling companies.

Plastic and cardboard are the major materials that are baled. Balers are also extremely safe to use. The best part is, there is no need for you to wait until you accumulate a truckload of bales. Most of the customers get bale pickups as soon as there are 12 bales. This in turn reduces the storage space required.

Baling Versus Hauling Away Your Business Waste Loose

Fuel required for shipping baled material is extremely less, while shipping of loose materials involves garbage truck, which has to make several trips to the recycling centre. Investing in a baler eliminates such trips and the materials can be shipped in greater volumes. They eliminate the need for loose recycling bins, which often get contaminated easily. Even a small quantity of contamination can make a huge difference, by negatively impacting recycling.

Balers offer a host of various other advantages. Here are some major benefits of baling your business waste against having them hauled away loose:

  • Baled material make a great source of revenue, as many recycling companies pay for baled cardboard
  • Cut down on the costs for disposing off loose materials
  • Drastically reduced labor costs
  • Baled materials also reduce numerous possible fire hazards
  • Trip hazards are also minimized by the baled materials
  • Balers are phenomenally inexpensive when compared to waste compactors
  • Balers are the best way to track the progress of your recycling process
  • Baling generates clean recycling goods, which can be easily recycled
  • Balers ensure superior sustainability
  • They need much lesser space when compared to a full-sized waste compactor
  • Balers improve the recycling output, particularly when they are placed indoors
To Conclude

Designed to offer ideal resource efficiency and waste management solutions, balers help both small and large scale businesses. Unlike compactors, they not only crush the waste but also sort the waste efficiently and ensure minimum fuss. Once the waste gets compacted into smaller bales, they will help you in minimizing your waste disposal expenses. In addition, based on the quantity of the waste generated by your organization, you will also be able to generate some extra revenue by selling your baled material to recycling companies.