TOM goes to Schiphol - News

La Palce TOM


Recent TOM installations at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol:

With 55 million passengers a year, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of the busiest airports in the worldHMSHost, with the motto “Feeling good on the move” is a leading provider of catering services for travelers and operates  several facilities at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. After thorough testing, HMSHost chose Orwak’s waste compactor TOM as an solution to efficiently reduce the waste streams and keep the environment in the restaurants clean and inviting at all times. TOM is an automatic waste bin that efficiently compacts the waste, reduces the bag switch frequency significantly and is able to communicate when the bin is full or the unit needs attention! Read more about TOM in the product section.

Two additional TOM units were just installed at Schiphol and to fit into the enviroment, they have special wrappings; one in the branding of the restaurant La Place and one featuring a tractor in a corn field, a theme that harmonizes with the concept of the food court Harvest Market, where the customers can stroll around like in a market Place and pick out local delights from local growers.

Harvest TOM