5 Ways a Commercial Waste Compactor Helps Reduce Waste Management Costs - News

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A proper waste management strategy is an efficient way to optimise your resources and reduce business costs, mainly if you invest in a waste compactor. A waste compactor compresses the waste into a densely packed form that takes up less space and reduces its volume by 50% to 90%.

Here are top 5 ways in which this equipment can help you reduce the waste management costs of your business.

  1. Less Removal Frequency – When your business produces a lot of trash, the expense of collecting and disposing waste can easily go out of control. But when you use a waste compactor, you can easily benefit your business by reducing the volume of the garbage and the amount of space required for storing it. Lesser piles of garbage will eventually reduce the frequency at which garbage collection haulers and trucks visit your premises, and thus, add up to some serious savings in the long run.
  2. Reduced Storage Space – Whether it’s an office, a manufacturing space or any other type of commercial property, space is of utmost importance. To facilitate regular operations, you need to maximise the space, but along with this, you also need to store garbage in a proper method until it’s moved away. Rather than wasting money on dumpsters and other trash storage areas, you can free a lot of space if the trash is compacted.
  3. Better Hygiene and Sanitation – Not only does compacted waste reduce space, but it’s also less expected to fall, spill or spread during storage and handling. This benefits you to control the movement and collection of waste on your property, avoid litter and bad odours and pests and rodents that are likely to be drawn to open garbage. Proper hygiene is not only good for your image but also enhances work safety and protects your businesses against medical/legal costs associated with employee’s health.
  4. Enhanced Employee’s Efficiency – With the lack of a waste compactor, your employees have to constantly visit external dumpsters to take out loads of trash. If you narrow down the time your employees spend on accumulating and managing the waste, you can use your resources more effectively. With the increase in labour costs, proper time and resource management are important. With a waste compactor, your employees can save their efforts for more productive activities, instead!
  5. Better Reputation by going “green” – With a better consciousness of poor environmental impact caused due to bad waste management, people are inclined to respond better to “greener” businesses.

Any company that emphasises on responsible waste management and eco-friendly operations will enjoy a better image among customers. Eventually, this translates into a positive impact on your business.

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