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No matter what industry you're in, waste management is important. Whether your company is from the manufacturing sector or an F&B staple, it's hard to ignore the amount of daily, weekly and monthly rubbish that piles up.

Not only does compacting your cardboard, plastics and other waste help the environment, it also helps your establishment flourish.

For example, here are the ways compacting waste can improve different institutes:

Waste/recycling industry: the more efficient your compactors are the more can be stored or accommodated for within your space. Whether you're at a recycling station or landfill, waste compaction can extend the lifespan of the area.

Commercial use: From schools to shopping malls, the huge amount of foot traffic that occurs within commercial areas means there's generally plenty of waste accumulated. Therefore an in-house baler or compactor would be best suited to handle the large volumes of rubbish.

Manufacturing: Creating products generates a lot of rubbish that only heavy-duty industrial compactors can take care of. The latest tech in baling and compacting will be able to save you time, money and floor space used for all the excess waste.

Medical Industry: Hospitals and other medical facilities can produce a lot of waste, whether it be from leftover food to used medical supplies. Proper disposal of these items via balers and compactors ensures the safety of its handlers.

Food Industry: Everything from used plastic straws, plates, utensils to leftovers at restaurants and cafes need to be taken care of by a reliable compactor. The right baler will help minimise the space rubbish takes up, ensures all relative waste gets recycled and eliminates the chances of such waste to get into the sewer system.

Just like personal tech from phones to watches continue to evolve, so do waste management systems. Orwak is pioneering the communicative waste management system front here in Australia.

We are renowned for our SMART balers and rubbish bins. The advanced software built into our range of balers include:

  • Recordable Bale Counts
  • Recordable Bale Weights
  • Remote login
  • Remote update program
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Automatic alerts to waste company to collect X number of bales
  • Has 35 different monitored alarms for faults

At Orwak we're proud of meeting the high demands of waste handling across all industries.If you need help finding the right one for your business, get in touch with one of our consultants today. We can guide you through the entire Orwak compactor range. Call us now on (03) 8792 9777 to book an appointment or send an email to info@orwakcompactors.com.au for all your inquiries.