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It’s hard to ignore the major impact China’s ban has left on Australia. Every state in the country is now dealing with the consequences of exporting waste. For instance in Ipswich, Queensland the local council has sparked a national debate regarding their recent intent to send all yellow bin items straight to the landfill.

The bold move towards landfill comes from the council’s concerns that Ipswich residents aren’t managing their recyclables properly. There had been a rising level of contaminated or non-recyclable rubbish in yellow bins that mean it had become too costly for the city to recycle. With more than half of the items being placed in yellow bins deems unrecyclable waste.

Ipswich Mayor Andrew Antoniolli states “At present, there are quite simply too many pizza boxes, plastic bags, burger wrappers and other items not fit for recycling.”

Food and beverage companies are certainly a big contributor to the consumer goods recycling issue. And while there are plenty of efforts across the globe to help implement recyclable packaging, the problem still lies in the fact that everyone from restaurant and shop owners to residents is having trouble dealing with the overwhelming amount of waste that’s being produced.

If you’re a local business owner having trouble keeping up all the waste you’re producing, a smart compact baler can help you immensely.

Technology has advanced in outstanding ways with smartphones becoming a necessity in this day and age, and now there are even advanced balers with communicative abilities to improve your business’ environmental footprint.

For instance, a smart Orwak compactor has the following features:

  • Recordable Bale Counts
  • Recordable Bale Weights
  • Remote login
  • Remote update program
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Automatic alerts to waste company to collect X number of bales
  • 35 different monitored alarms for faults

Not only is an Orwak compactor able to give you vital information and diagnosis on the waste you’re producing, it’s also a streamlined machine that fits in small spaces. Gone are the days where you can’t justify getting a baler for your shop or restaurant because you simply don’t have the room to keep it.

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