The End Of Single-Use Plastic Bags Is Just The Beginning Of Better Plastic Waste Management - News

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Since the single-use plastic bag ban, more and more efforts to reduce plastic waste are coming up across Australia.

On June 20 Woolworths started rolling out their ban against single-use plastic bags. Soon Queensland and Western Australia will be banning single-use plastic bags across their state. While Victoria is preparing for a complete plastic bag ban by the end of next year.

The push for reduced plastic waste is a major development in environment preservation efforts. And it’s coming at such a pivotal time for Australia.

Woolworths chief Brad Banducci states, “We currently give out more than 3.2 billion lightweight plastic bags a year and hence can play a significant role in reducing overall plastic bag usage.”

Plastic waste, whether its plastic bags, consumer goods packaging or PET bottles, all cause different kinds of environmental harm.

Loose plastic bags wind up in oceans affecting wildlife, plastic debris clog up sewage systems and mass-produced PET bottles have such a slow deterioration process that they easily stack up in landfills, suburban areas and wildlife habitats.

The reduced plastic bag usage is a great way for consumers to monitor their environmental footprint, while behemoth consumer goods companies assess their plastic distribution efforts. But more can definitely be done.

It’s so important now for companies, businesses and institutions alike who deal with any kind of plastic waste to reconsider how they manage their rubbish. Compacting plastic products is a great way to ensure PET bottles, plastic bags and other debris don’t end up pilling up in landfills.

There are plenty of compacting options available for all kinds of plastics. And companies like Orwak provide the latest technology in compacting and baling soft plastics, PET and mixed waste in Australia.

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