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The amount of waste produced is increasing every year, and so is the money and time that is spent on various types of collection services. Conventional waste bins keep overflowing and create unpleasant public spaces that attract microbes and bacteria. This problem has become very common in high foot-traffic areas such as shopping malls, stadiums, parks, stations, etc. Adding more waste bins can solve the problem on a short-term basis, but there is a smarter approach to this issue – Solar Powered Waste Compactor Bins.

What are They and What Are Its Benefits?

Solar Powered Waste Compactor Bins are smart machines that examine a waste bin’s level in real-time and initiate automated compaction of the waste, enhancing the bin’s storage capacity up to 5-8 times. This mechanism runs on a battery, powered by solar panels. If fully charged, the battery storage can last for approximately 3-4 weeks depending on the usage patterns and compaction rate.

These compactors are connected to a wireless network, enabling managers to access real-time data and route optimisation. Some of the benefits of using solar-powered trash compactors are:

  1. Minimisation in the Frequency of Waste Collections
  2. More Hygienic and Cleaner Public Spaces
  3. Real-time Data to Waste Analytics Platforms
  4. Optimisation in Collection Operations
  5. Generation of Data Analytics Reports
  6. Fewer Collections, Less Pollution and Lesser Road Wear and Tear
  7. Reduction in Fuel and Maintenance Costs

Orwak’s RAY Solar Powered Waste Compactor Bin Allows for Better Waste Management

Being green isn’t always easy. It’s not just about a few small changes here and there, it’s about embracing an entirely new and sustainable perspective.

Smart waste management can be as easy as choosing smart solar compactor bins for your businesses. One of the latest waste management successes is the “RAY Solar Powered Waste Compactor Bin” by ORWAK. Its collection process is 85% more efficient than conventional waste bins and is a sustainable solution to waste and litter-management. This solar powered system is easy to install or remove and can collect more than 5 times the original waste volume. It can also be easily emptied manually or by a combloader, allowing safe and ergonomic working conditions. You can find out more about RAY here.

ORWAK Compactors is Your Answer – For Sustainability, Convenience and Savings

If you are looking to improve your waste management system, you should invest in a RAY Solar Powered Waste Compactor Bin, today! Our team can help you with all your waste and recycling needs and can even customise a solution that is perfect for your business. To learn more about our compactors in Melbourne, call us at (03) 8792 9777 or send us an inquiry to