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Hoarding is a massive problem worldwide. We all know horror stories of people’s homes filled with decades of collected antiques and memorabilia. Reality TV shows give us an insight into the destructive consequences of holding onto old trinkets. But another more impactful type of hoarding that’s currently occurring is the excessive collecting of rubbish.

The head of the centre for waste and resource management at the University of Central Lancashire has researched waste management systems around the world, including Australia. He says “if you collect rubbish and ship it to China that’s not recycling, that’s just collecting.”

While waste isn’t being hoarded in homes or businesses, they are being hoarded in landfills. The problem is that not everyone is managing their recyclables properly. Either contaminated and non-contaminated products are mixed in bins, or they’re just not being emptied as regularly and overflow, proper waste management needs to be thoroughly taken care of from start to finish.

Implementing the right waste management system can be as simple to start as choosing the right bins. With the multitude of technological advances in mobile phones and cars, even bins are becoming smarter.

One of the latest waste management system successes is the TOM Smart bin by Orwak. This smart bin is a modern waste compaction system built for public spaces. While it looks like the same size as a traditional waste bin, TOM can hold up to 7 times more rubbish. And that’s just one of its many features.

TOM’s selling feature is that it can remotely communicate with your cleaning crew. It can tell you all the following information:

  • Data on bag counts, alarms etc
  • Send out automatic alerts for faults
  • When it’s nearly and completely full

Therefore your crew will save time on regular routine checks and know exactly when it’s time to change or repair your bin.

Orwak’s TOM compactor is readily available for shopping centres, airports, food courts including in hospitals and large buildings/office complexes.

If you’d like to improve how you manage your waste, invest in a TOM compactor today. You can get in touch with one of our consultants today by calling (03) 8792 9777 or send an enquiry to