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Business owners often go through the confusion of choosing the ideal recycling and waste equipment for their business. There is a wide range of recycling machines like balers and compactors used by businesses to sort and reuse their waste. Despite the fact that all of them are waste recycling machinery, they follow different recycling processes and serve different purposes.

Difficulties often arise due to the insufficiency of the chosen equipment, which is why, understanding the type of options you have, the waste you produce and resorting to proper balers and compactors is important. At Orwak, we have created a breakdown which simplifies the type of machinery required for each type of waste.

  • For Cardboard and Paper

    Cardboard is widely used in a number of industries worldwide. Different goods are packaged using disposable cardboard boxes, making it one of the largest volume products generated from the waste stream.

    Automated Brickman Compactors - For really large volumes of cardboard, we recommend using the automated Brickman briquetting solution by Orwak. Our briquetting presses can be fed while running and no binding of the briquette is required.

  • For Soft Plastics

    Plastic is predominantly used in majority of modern-day products, everything ranging from paperclips to space crafts. However, most plastic isn’t biodegradable, thus, recycling plays a major role in reducing plastics from the waste stream. Soft plastic has a great recycling potential because it’s voluminous and contains lots of air.

    Orwak Power Baler - This baler is equipped with a special plastic mode, where the plastic is kept under pressure for 5 minutes for most efficient and successful compaction result.

  • Aluminium Cans

    Aluminium cans are hard to crush and it is difficult to keep the small fractions together in a bale. At Orwak, we offer heavy duty compaction solutions and cross-binding baling for the most successful result.

    Automated Brickman Solution - For really large volumes of aluminium cans, we recommend you to use the automated Brickman briquetting solution. Its compaction ratio is 20:1 and destiny is up to 600 kg/m2.

Solar Powered Waste Compactor Bins are smart machines that examine a waste bin’s level in real-time and initiate automated compaction of the waste, enhancing the bin’s storage capacity up to 5-8 times. This mechanism runs on a battery, powered by solar panels. If fully charged, the battery storage can last for approximately 3-4 weeks depending on the usage patterns and compaction rate.

After you have decided what exactly your requirements are, you will be able to make an informed decision. Recycling equipment maximises the management of waste, eliminates the usage of fossil fuels and resources, and helps curb costs. We, at Orwak Compactors, have the required experience and proficiency in all the recycling machinery. To get smart waste recycling solutions for your business, give us a call today at (03) 8792 9777 or send us an inquiry at info@orwakcompactors.com.au. Our expert team will get in touch with you within no time.