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The production of waste is a straight-part of the routine life. It’s unavoidable. At Orwak Compactors, we believe that businesses that produce a large amount of recyclable waste, such as cardboard, aluminium or scrap metal, should integrate a streamlined waste management system in the daily routine of their business.

Using our fully automated horizontal balers can help businesses that produce large amounts of paper and plastic-based waste. Our well-thought-out approach can simplify waste recycling and increase productivity, along with helping you turn your waste into a profit-yielding technique.

So, Why Invest in Our Automatic Baler?

Automatic balers can be a great aid to businesses that produce waste in large quantities and can take it one-step further in recycling chain. Our horizontal balers at Orwak have a production capacity of 1-6 ton cardboard per hour. While our baling process is completely automated, it is also possible to run the horizontal balers in a manual mode. Orwak Horizontal baler has the following benefits.

  • Lesser transportation costs
  • Effective Waste Handling
  • High degree of automation
  • Increased cash-ins due to lesser hauling services
  • Rapid payback system
  • Safe Working environment
  • Excellent output

With a number of projects and installations worldwide, our team has all the knowledge and experience of large scale waste handling. We follow extensive safety measures to minimise risk and ensure the safety of our maintenance staff.

How Do Recycled Materials Streamline Material Handling Process and Reduce Costs?

Automatic balers can simplify the material handling process to get a better quality of recycled products transported faster, thereby reducing hauling schedules and increasing business cash-in. It results in the minimisation of labour, which can allow your staff to spend time on other critical work.

Fully automated adjustable balers from Orwak can come in tailor-made sizes to satisfy your requirements of cost-effective compaction, making sure that you can fit every inch of your waste onto the trailer.

A Complete Baling Solution for Your Needs

Let us create a baling solution that is perfect for your operations. Our professional and courteous team at Orwak Compactors has great experience in the industry that will help you save time and money. To learn more about our balers in Melbourne, or any other products or services, get in touch with us at +(03) 8792 9777.