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ORWAKS TOM Waste Compaction System for Public Spaces

They say great things come in small packages, which is exactly true of ORWAKS TOM, an advanced waste compactor that is a smart alternative to your regular waste bin.

TOM has been designed by Orwak to be much more than a waste-collecting container. You’ll discover TOM accomplishing multiple tasks for you intelligently and reliably.

Who can Use TOM?

TOM is ideal for busy commercial spaces with heavy crowds, including airports, restaurants, cafes, theme parks, and shopping zones. TOM is a self-reliant device requiring minimal manual intervention. With TOM, facility managers can have their personnel focusing on queuing customers and their needs rather than losing precious time on managing waste bins.

TOM Has High Tolerance for Mess

TOM uses its waste compactor system to compress waste, creating more space for further collection. TOM can thus take up to 7 times more waste than standard bins.

TOM compacts waste only when required. Additionally if there has been no foot traffic near TOM for 30 minutes or more, the smart machine gets down to work, compressing the garbage within it.

The device is not noisy as it operates at just 54dB or less, sound level. It is of the size of a regular bin, and is built to be tough and long-lasting.

TOM Allows for Better Waste Management

Forget having to check your bins often and having to change full bags regularly. With its high waste compaction capability, TOM reduces the number and frequency of full bags. The smart bin sends you an email or SMS if it is nearing full capacity or over flowing. So, your staff can immediately change bags.

TOM messages or emails you if any of its parts requires maintenance. This feature allows for a seamless device operation so that your waste collection is no way interrupted.

TOM Allows for Cleaner Surroundings and Environment

Since TOM keeps you informed about its fill-status, you will not encounter the disgusting sight of overflowing bins. Also, once full the TOM will lock his shutter until emptied.

The device allows for a hands-free use. If your customer or you are nearby to dispose of waste, TOM senses your approach and opens up automatically to collect the waste. This hands-free operation decreases transfer or spread of germs, making your area hygienic.

There is also an option to keep the device’s shutter open for required periods of time, which can be useful during peak business hours.

You’ll become an eco-responsible business with TOM. The device lessens size of waste load through compaction, which means there is not a heavy volume to transport. This reduction in transportation decreases carbon footprint.

TOM Delivers Good Cost Savings Too

In addition to saving costs on handling and transportation, TOM keeps your staff free for the main business, which means better business.

TOM is Customisable

TOM can be customised to suit your brand in terms of colour and design. There are multiple other options with which you can have your device separate liquid waste, recycle waste, use transparent doors, and more.

ORWAK TOM 1040 gives you more, be it convenience, space, features or cost savings.

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