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If you work in an office environment, it is likely that there are many types of paper that need to be disposed of. Simply throwing away paper without considering how the different types of paper should be recycled is not only wasteful, it doesn't make the best use of the resources that are available to you.

When loose paper is recycled, it means less environmental waste, sustainable business practices, and compliance with environmental regulations. Here is how Orwak can help you to increase recycling rates by using cardboard and paper compactors and balers to handle your cardboard and mixed paper recycling.

Recycling Paper Improves Your Business

Mixed paper by definition is different types of paper that have been mixed together. Unfortunately, many times paper ends up in the waste containers instead of being entered into a viable recycling program. These paper types can include office paper and make up the biggest portion of municipal solid waste. In fact, using an Orwak waste compactor to handle your mixed paper recycling program has several benefits, including:

Reduction of waste disposal costs, since paper is removed from the waste stream. Streamlining waste processing at your businesses for increased productivity. Fire hazard reduction. Improved workplace safety and reduced labour costs associated with handling paper waste.

If you want to improve your recycling efforts, you should use paper balers which will make it convenient for your business to have the paper removed to a local recycling facility. Paper balers are for office paper, not other paper types like food wrappers or waxed paper. In addition, your office can actually earn money from recycling mixed paper if a large amount is recycled daily.

Selecting a Paper Baler for Your Office Space

Baling paper into smaller cubes takes up less space and makes it easier for your local recycling facility to remove and transport your waste paper. The prices that local recycling facilities pay for mixed paper vary from location to location. In addition, the pricing scheme for the facility may also take into account who is responsible for loading the bales, as well as, how easy or difficult it is to perform the pickups and other things.

Additionally, paper recycling works best with Orwak's smaller balers since the bales will stay together more easily than they might with a larger size paper baler. As you determine which model you should purchase, you should also make sure that you have the space to place the bales. Make sure that you look at the baler footprint and add an additional 50cm of space around the perimeter of the baler, and additional space where the bales are to be emptied.

You should also ensure that the paper baler is the right fit for your needs so that you don't select a paper baler that exceeds your budget or space accommodations. These are just the first considerations to help you decide on the right Orwak waste compactor for your needs.

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