Success Story Golden State Foods Hawaii

Golden State Foods (GSF) is one of the largest food service suppliers in the world. The GSF distribution center Waipahu in Hawaii is supplying products to all McDonald' s and Starbucks stores in the Hawaiian islands. The large distribution center, 40,000 sq. feet in size, has a central location on the island Oahu.

No more chasing cardboard all over the yard
Before the GSF center invested in the ORWAK MULTI 9020 baler, waste handling was a big challenge. The plastic foil was collected in super sacks, which were placed outdoors to be picked up by the recycler and the enormous amount of cardboard was just stacked in the backyard. When the wind was strong, garbage blew all over the parking lot. Operation Manager Tony Hernandez looked for a better waste handling solution and chose the baler 9020 with two chambers; one for cardboard and one for plastic.

More than 1500 bales a year
The plastic is collected in super sacks, which are compacted in the ORWAK MULTI 9020 and 7 super sacks turn into just 1 bale! In 2016, the baler produced 1491 cardboard bales and 72 plastic bales. Tony Hernandez:

"The recycler picks up the bales for free, so we no longer have to pay for the trash collection."

Many good reasons to invest in the baler
GSF Hawaii benefits from several other advantages: more space thanks to the great volume reduction and less time spent on waste handling. The staff used way too many hours before cleaning up in the backyard. Tony Hernandez:

"The clean environment is the best benefit!"

First GSF distribution center to receive 0 % landfill award
Sorting and compaction at source is a requirement for the certification. The GSF Hawaii operation is the first distribution center to have 0 % landfill and the company has received an award for it. Tony Hernandez:

"The Orwak 9020 helped us comply with the ISO 14001 directions. That was a major reason for the investment and we actually got the certificate thanks to the baler! It is a truly great product that does not take up a lot of space. It is good for operators out here in Hawaii!"

Read the entire case study here (PDF)