Success Story Honda Italy

Success Story Honda Italy

One of five POWER 3620 in the Honda factory

Five POWER 3620 balers deal with large amounts of cardboard and make a huge diference in the waste management in the Honda motorcycle factory in Italy.

THE HONDA MOTORCYCLE FACTORY in Atessa (Chieti) in Italy has chosen Orwak balers for the waste compaction and disposal of cardboard.

Motorcycles for entire Europe
This factory manufactures motorcycles for entire Europe and generates large volumes of empty cardboard packaging. After a thorough technical analysis and the good guidance from Empress 2000 srl, the Orwak distributor in Italy, Honda’s management decided to buy ive Orwak Power 3620 from Empress 2000 srl to reduce the volume of the packaging material.

Even cardboard pallets it in the generous
loading aperture of the POWER 3620

This choice was based on the great technical features and the very low noise level of this model.

Capacity to handle sea pallets
Thanks to the 52 ton press force, the POWER 3620 is also capable of compacting reinforced cardboards, such as compressed cardboard pallets suitable for ocean transport.

Makes a signiicant diference
The, compared to many other solutions, “compact size” indoor Orwak baler has suicient capacity to signiicantly improve the plant logistics, while at the same time increasing the safety and improving the image as well as the overall hygiene.

After a subsequent analysis on money savings taking logistics, labor cost and the income from selling cardboard into consideration, Honda has determined that the pay-of time of the investment will be only one year!

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Here it is! The 450 kg cardboard bale!