The Future Is Calling: Talking Waste Management

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We may not have flying cars or mass produced hover boards, but technology continues to evolve into impressive and immersive ways that are changing every day living. From electric cars to AI, there are so many advancements currently available that we could only dream of decades ago.

One of the most revolutionary pieces of technology is our smart phones. Mobile phones started off as big, chunky bricks that can only make calls but now make it possible to have desktop functionality in the palm of our hands. And even then, combining different applications like music, internet and mobile calling isn’t what’s completely new and innovative.

The more smart phones evolve, the more advanced its voice recognition capabilities become. Virtual personal assistants like Siri and Alexa have made it possible for you to talk to your phone to complete tasks.

Now that talking to your phone seamlessly fits into the hustle and bustle of modern day life, more technologies are utilising open communication, including your rubbish bins.

One of the leading waste management companies in Australia has set out to make a mark in the talking tech world with Tom. Tom is a rubbish bin developed by Orwak. The unit is a versatile, multi-tasking waste compaction system used in a variety of public spaces like schools, restaurants, food courts, airports and public transport stations.

Just like any other bin, Tom excels in his job as a hygienic and convenient waste handling unit. Tom can hold up to 7 more times than other conventional waste bins, meaning it requires fewer bag switches. Tom also has a hands-free option where its shutter opens and closes through motion sensing.

However, aside from his efficient waste management capabilities, Tom is also able to communicate. Through Tom Connect, the rubbish bin can send messages when its time to change the bag or requires maintenance.

With its ability to recognise certain processes that would typically require physical work, users of the unit will be able to save time and money manually checking in on waste management.

Less time spent on routine rounds, frees up a lot of time for everyone. Waste management staff will have more time to keep areas tidy as they won’t constantly have to check the bins if they need emptying. Instead, they get given handy alerts when Tom needs to be changed.

Want to learn more about how you can use Tom to improve your waste management system? Talk to one of the friendly staff members at Orwak today. They can connect you and your public space with a productive Tom unit. Get in touch now by calling +613 8792 9777 or sending an inquiry to